Track Roller

Backhoe Berco KM2794 track lower roller for Komatsu PC120-6 excavator undercarriage repair

Komatsu backhoe heavy machine PC120-6 track roller,part number 203-30-00150,Berco No.:KM2794,is used for excavator undercarriage track repair and after market replacement
  • lead time:

    15--30 days
  • product orgin:

    China Origin
  • brand:

  • shipping port:

  • payment:

    L/C,TT,Western union, Paypal,MoneyGram
  • color:

    Black or Yellow
  • Warranty:

    One Year
  • Brand:

  • Model:

    PC60 PC100 PC120 PC200-6/7 PC300-7 PC400-7/8 PC650-7
  • Process:

    Forging and Casting
  • Hardness Depth:

  • Surface Hardness:

  • Material:

    50Mn or 40MnB
  • Moving Type:

    Crawler excavator
  • products details

Komatsu tractor heavy equipment PC120-6 undercarriage parts lower track roller for excavator track repair and after market replacement

Excavator Track roller has different names Excavator bottom roller and Tractor lower roller.

Dozer track roller has two is track roller single flange,the other type is track roller double flange,

It can be used for crawler heavy machine and crane undercarriage, such as Caterpillar,Komatsu, Hitachi,Doosan, Volvo,Kobelco,Daewoo,JCB, John Deere,Kubota,Hyundai,Sumitomo,Kato,Fiat-Hitachi,Samsung,Liebherr,Yanmar, and so on.

     Xiamen Fortune Industrial Co., Limited
Product Name Komatsu excavator and bulldozer undercarriage spare parts track roller/lower roller/bottom roller
Production Standard ITR production standard and OEM installment size
Material 50Mn and 40MnB and 42MnB
Finish Smooth
Painting Color Black or yellow
Process Forging and casting
Surface Hardness HRC48-54, Depth:4mm-10mm
Quality Guarantee One Year
Certification ISO9001-9002
Delivery Time Within 10--20 days after advance payment receive
Package Fumigate seaworthy packing and Export Standard Package
Payment Term TT, L/C, Paypal, Western union,D/P
Business Scope excavator and dozer undercarriage parts, G.E.T, Hydraulic spare parts,underground engage tools, etc

Our undercarriage parts Track Roller advantage(Why Choose ours)
1.Good lubricated oil recycle system 
2. High hardness :HRC52-58,deepth:8mm-12mm 
3. Deep hardened wear surface 
4. Good bronze bushings
5.Strict Quality Control
6.OEM mounting dimension
7.Certificated by ISO9001:2008
8.Produce as per client's samples,designs and drawings

Track Roller Main Features:
1.Forged from deep hardening steel and heart treated for internal strength to resist bell mounting and to increase rebuilding ability.
  two pieces roller shell rim. Heat treated shells for body strength and longer wear life.
  Heat treated for a deep uniform hardened depth that provides wear life equal to link wear life.
2.Roller shaft
  shaft and bearing designed to carry and turn with heavy track weight forged and heat treated for strength.
  Bearing surfaces are hardened and polished to reduce friction and wear
  Center flange absorbs side thrust from roller shell.
3.Cast Iron bushing
 Supports the bronze sleeve bearing.
 Cast from iron to absorb loads without permanent deformation.
 Large lubricant reservoir to reduce heat build up
4.Bronzed sleeve bearing
 Sleeve design provides a large surface area for better load distribution.
  Inner diameter surface is polished to a smooth finish.
 Soft bronze coating in the bearing absorbs any small foreign particles before they can damage the shaft and seals.

Excavator and Dozer Lower Roller Functions:
1.Support the track as its most between the sprocket and idler.
2.Guide the track between the sprocket and idler
3.Strength to resist failure before tread wear life is utilized.
4.Treads wear life matched to track links.
5.Treads and flanges rebuild able on forged shells.
6.Thru-hardened flanges to resist bending and improve rebuild ability.

Komatsu Excavator and bulldozer undercarriage parts lower track roller part number and Berco number list

Rollers(CR=carrier roller, SF=Single Flange track roller, DF=Double Flange track roller)
Komatsu Bulldozers 
Application  Usco Part No  Pos  Alternative Nos.  Berco Ref  ITM Ref  Notes 
D40, D50  140-30-00053  SF  131-30-000343  KM859  A4060000M00 
140-30-00063  DF  131-30-000353  KM860  B4060000M00 
141-30-00073  CR  KM103  C4060100M00 
D65  141-30-00575  SF  141-30-00576,-00578  KM868  A4065000M00 
141-30-00585  DF  141-30-00586,-00588  KM869  B4065000M00 
141-30-00563  CR  141-30-00565,-00568  KM118  C40651A0M00 
D65E-12 D65EX-12  14X-30-00081  SF  14X-30-00082,-14100  KM2101  A40650E0M00 
14X-30-00091  DF  14X-30-00092,-14200  KM2102  B40650E0M00 
14X-30-00142  CR  14X-30-00140,-00141  KM2105  C40651E0M00 
D85  155-30-00126  SF  155-30-00250, -00127  KM351  A40850A0M00 
155-30-00116  DF  155-30-00240,-00117  KM353  B40850A0M00 
155-30-00233  CR  155-30-00232,-00234  KM120  C40851A0M00 
D155-1 D155-2  175-30-00760  SF  175-30-00484,-00489  KM122  A4015000M00 
175-30-00770  DF  175-30-00494,-00499  KM123  B4015000M00 
175-30-00515  CR  175-30-00517,-00471  KM124  C40151G0M00  Also D155AX-3 
D155-3 D155AX-3  17A-30-00070  SF  KM2265  A40159D0M00 
17A-30-00080  DF  KM2266  B40159D0M00 
D355  195-30-00335  SF  195-30-00336  KM926  A4035000M00 
195-30-00345  DF  195-30-00346  KM927  B4035000M00 
195-30-00105  CR  195-30-00106  KM578  C4035100M00 
D275  17M-30-00220  SF 
17M-30-00230  DF 
195-30-00580  CR  KM2160  Also PC650-5 
D375A-1  195-30-00562  SF  195-30-00561  KM1039 
195-30-00572  DF  195-30-00571  KM1040 
195-30-00580  CR 
D375A-2/3  195-30-01051  SF  195-30-01011,-01010  KM1272  A4037000M00 
195-30-01061  DF  195-30-01021,-01020  KM1279  B4037000M00 
195-30-01041  CR  195-30-01040  KM1281  C4037100M00 
Komatsu Excavators 
PC60-5/ 6  201-30-00290  SF  201-30-00291  KM1690 
PC75, PC95  (B1)  VA380  SF  VA380  A14010B1M00 
B14010B1M00  DF  B14010B1M00 
PC100-120 FAI  203-30-00222  SF  20E-30-K1580  KM1705  A40120A0M00 
PC120-5  203-30-00230  CR  203-30-00150  KM2794  C4012000M00 
PC200-2/3/5/6 PC220-2/3/5/6 PC210-6  205-30-K1200  CR  20Y-30-00021,-00022  KM1640  C40201A0M00 
205-30-00171  SF 205-30-00172,-76101
KM1179  A40200F0M00  PC200-2 & PC220-2 
20Y-30-00011  SF  20Y-30-00112,
KM1428  A40200E0M00  PC200-3/5/6 PC220-3/5/6 PC210-6 
PC300-3/5  207-30-15102  CR 208-30-00320
KM1817  C40301B0M00  & PC400-5 
207-30-00150  SF  KM1429  A40300B0M00 
PC400-3/5  208-30-00210  SF  KM1743  A4040000M00 
PC650-5  209-30-00191  SF  209-30-00121  KM2143  -
PC1000  21N-30-00023  SF  KM2503 
21N-30-00030  CR  -

1.What Xiamen Fortune Industrial Co.,Limited supply?
  We mainly supply crawler excavator and dozer undercarriage parts, such as Track roller, Carrier roller, Sprocket, Idler,Recoil spring assy, Track chain, Track shoe, Track bolt&nut,Track chain guard, Excavator bucket,Bucket teeth&adaptor, Bucket Link,Cutting Edge and End Bits, Hydraulic Cylinder, Bucket pin&bush,Slewing Bearing, Long reach boom and arm, etc.

2.How to confirm the spare parts will fit our crawler excavator and dozer?
  Please send us your excavator and dozer model name, part number, Berco number, or technical drawings and dimensions

3.How about the construction machinery excavator and dozer undercarriage parts Quality Control?
  We have an excellent QC system, will inspect every production process,quality and specification, to be sure best quality and correct size, untill packages finished and loaded into container.

4.What is payment term?
 TT, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, other payment term also can be negotiated.

Choose genuine quality lower track roller for construction machinery parts, 

Fortunepart will be your best undercarriage parts supplier in China. 

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